Yogurt Lavender Pie

A friend reminded me yesterday about this pie I made. If he remembers it after more than a month I think it’s a good enough recipe to write down. The flowery taste and spring make a good pare, it’s best eaten outside, sitting in the grass.

Photo Credit: Lotte Hoeksema




100 gram rolled oats

125 gram flour

1 tsp anise seeds

30 gram sugar

200 gram butter


350 gram yogurt (10%)

4 eggs

3 tbsp cranberry compote

1 tsp dried lavender

3 tablsp honey



Lotte Hoeksema

You can choose to make the bottom with crumbled cookies (like kandijkoeken) as well, than you can omit the sugar.

Melt the butter

Mix the flour, oats, sugar and anise seeds

Combine the two and decorate a round cake tin with it.

Press the mixture to the bottom until it’s more or less a flat bottom without and holes in it.

Prebake the bottom on 180C and let it cool down.

Mix together the yogurt, 4 eggs, honey and lavender until everything is combined. Swirl the cranberry through the mixture with a spoon.

Poor the filling on the prebaked bottom and bake it in the oven until it’s set.

To serve you can dust the top with cacao powder but I think it would be even nicer with a layer of melted chocolate on top. Put it in the fridge before serving.

Whoever tries to taste before it cooled down will get punished immediately, it’s far from tasty when eaten warm.

Dusting the cake while holding it out of the window is a great idea on a less windy day…

And again, the credit for the pictures is for Lotte Hoeksema




1 liter natural whole yogurt, not the skinny one please (either cow or goats)

Small teaspoon of salt


Mix together the yogurt and salt.

Put some layers of cheesecloth in a colander or use an old dishtowel which will give the same effect as long as it is a thin cloth.  Pour the yogurt in the towel and bind the four ends together, hang this over the sink or in another place with a bowl under it, until enough liquid has come out and it is as thick as a spread.  The longer you leave it the ticker it will become; I noticed that one night is enough in my house.

Transfer the Labneh to a bowl and cover it tightly. Leave it in the fridge until completely cooled. You can now use it like this or roll them in balls and keep them in a jar with oil.