Santorini, Greece!

Santorini, our second destination, is a different story than Naxos. Everyone knows the pictures of the sunsets and the white house’s on the edge of the cliff with the blue roofs. Well, that’s how it’s like, just like in the picture, really beautiful.

We ate the most beautiful Santorini fava (split peas) and a delicious garlic spicy tzatziki.


Tstock. Who would have thought that an ordinary split pea could make such a nice mezze.


Yellow split peas

Finely chopped onion

Finely chopped garlic

Pepper, salt

Olive oil

Lemon juice

Boil the peas with the onion and garlic in chicken stock until soft and squashy. Be aware that it doesn’t cook dry because the peas will soak up the stock and they inflate. Also try not to use to much stock so you don’t have to strain the peas in the end, you lose lot’s of flavor by doing that. Mix in the lemon juice, olive oil, pepper and salt. Serve warm with a little onion on the side.


 stuffed tomatoes.


Stuffed tomatoes

Ripe but firm tomatoes (2 pp)

Rice, long grain or short (I made it with long but ate it in the restaurant with short, both were good)



Olive oil





Pepper salt

Raisins and pine nuts (optional)

Small pinch of cinnamon (optional)

Cook the rice and strain. Cut the onion and garlic fine and bake in a skillet with olive oil until soft (you can add the raisins and nuts if you use them). Now go wild with the herbs, it should be well flavored, it is nice if you have fresh herbs but you can replace most of them with their dried variant if you have nothing else. For the quantities you should really use your taste buds.

Cut the head of the tomato and spoon out the seeds, keep aside. Brush the tomato with oil, fill them with the rice and place on a baking sheet. Put a spoonful of the tomato juice on top and place the head back on the tomato.

Bake in the oven on low temperature (150-160C) until nice and warm. Don’t leave it in the oven to long because the tomato would become to soft and falls apart.