Portobello stuffed with Taleggio

I made stuffed Portobello in all kind of variations but I prefer this simple version above all others.

This is a main course by itself and you don’t miss the meat, you can eat it with salad, polenta, potatoes, pasta, rice or whatever you prefer. A good substitute if you want to introduce another meatless day in the week. The taleggio and the portobello are a great combination, just as Jamie promised. I added a bit of walnut oil and rosemary to the palette and topped it off with some bread crumbs for a nice crusty finish. Next to flavor you also have think about the contrast in texture and the feeling it will give you when you take a bite.

Taleggio stuffed Portobello

1 portobello per person

Taleggio to stuff the inside

Fresh rosemary

Bread crumbs

Walnut oil

Pepper and salt

Remove the stem from the mushroom’s hat; sprinkle the inside with some walnut oil, pepper, salt and some finely chopped rosemary.

Place some nice slices of taleggio on the inside of the mushroom. Mix the breadcrumbs with some more rosemary and place it on top of the tallegio.

Bake it in the oven until the Portobello is soft. You can test this by sticking the tip of a knife in the side, if it doesn’t meet too much resistance, it’s done.