Kitchen madness

I will introduce the lemons first.

preserved lemons


Preserved lemons


Coarse see salt


Red Chili

Lemon Juice

Olive oil

I had a small jar so I used 3 lemons; you can use as many lemons as you can fit into your own jar. They have to fit in tight.

preserved lemons2

Sterilize your jar by filling it up with cooking water, the top as well, and leave it for a couple of minute. Now empty the jar, don’t burn your hands, and let it dry by itself. Don’t wipe it otherwise you have to start over.

Cut the lemon in from the base down up to 1 cm from the other end. Now turn the lemon around, and turn it around its axe one quarter and make the same cut. You will end up with two deep cuts at both ends of the lemon and they will stay attached like this. Fill the cuts with coarse see salt and cram them in the jar nicely together. Close the jar and put it away for a week.

This is what I’ll be doing next week:

Press the lemons hard to squeeze out as much juice as possible add rosemary, chili and lemon juice of an equal amount of lemons as there are lemons in your jar. End with a thin layer of olive oil, seal the jar and leave it in a cool place for at least 4 weeks, the longer you don’t touch them the more flavorful they’ll become.

You can add other herbs and spices instead of the rosemary and chili like coriander seeds for example.

lemons in a jar




9 thoughts on “Kitchen madness

  1. How come you’re keeping your starter in the fridge? I don’t think it will work very well. I put mine in the fridge to stop them from working or slow them WAY down. I freeze ’em to stop ’em.

    • Dear Lisa Ann, I keep my starter in the fridge so it won’t get spoiled. I kept one outside of the fridge as well but after three days this one started to smell really funky, not sour but more rotting. You are right, in the fridge the process is a lot slower but there is some action; I threw away my first starter because there was water on it (so stupid because I heard later I could have easily revived it with some flour) the second got spoiled outside of the fridge and the third one will be ready in a day or two; I will use it this week and then we’ll know how good it actually works.

  2. I would try feeding the starter 1 TBSP of sugar and stir it 2x/day. It does take at least a week when I do it and I don’t refrigerate the stuff until it starts to bubble and ferment. I usually feed on the 3rd or 4th day. Dunno if this will help.
    BTW – I cover mine w/ a dishtowel to keep dust bunnies out. Good luck!

    • Thank you for the tips. I’m trying them all. I have 3 jars with different starters, one with sugar and one without outside of the fridge and one with a special type of flower inside of the fridge. I would also stir them once more a day. I’ll try this weekend which method gives the best results.

  3. I’ll keep watching. Mine is currently frozen so I don’t have to mess w/ it. I’m one of the heretics who uses a bread machine all the time. I do manage to pull the dough out of the machine to shape, rise and bake it in the oven. I’m addictted to Beth Hensberger’s Bread Machine Cookbook. Sometimes I just sit and read it. Anyhow, good luck w/ the starters.

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    • Thanx for the comment, I’m happy you enjoyed the post, there are of course more experiments on the way, it is an ongoing process, part of my life..

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